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Sunset Superbowl is a purpose-built Bowling Centre, designed to be user-friendly for everyone, especially people with a disability. 

Bowling at Sunset Superbowl is a safe, fun and affordable activity and a growing number of support agencies and individual carers are now including Tenpin Bowling in their programme. When talking with these people and their support workers, the comments that most make is about the opportunity to participate in an activity that gets them out and in to a place where they can socialise. 

Sunset Superbowl has a competition "League" specifically for people with a disability who wish to participate in a mainstream sport.Tenpin bowling is unique in that competitors vie for trophies and medals according to their averages or skill levels, and not to their disability. Few sports are as ideally suited to athletes with disabilities than tenpin bowling and its diversity sets it apart from other sports – it can be an individual or team sport for both males and females, regardless of physical limitations, and with no age, height or size discrimination. 

It is from our Saturday Disabilities league that many have gone on to play representative sport at State and National level. International representation is also available now to disabilities bowlers. 

Free coaching is an ongoing and important service offered to members in this league.

Sunset Superbowl has had the honour of hosting The "Queensland Disabilities Championships" on two separate occasions during the last few years and we look forward to future involvement with this excellent Tournament Series.

If you'd like the fun of bowling in a group and meeting other people, then come to one of our social mornings. Most in these groups come along with support workers - great social outing for them too!
Discounted bowling game prices for anyone with a Disability and their Support Workers/Carers.

Tuesdays at Midday: A group that varies in numbers from about six to twelve or more. Just  bowl the one game as a group - be competitive if you like or just bowl for fun! Maybe have an extra game or just sit and talk. Maybe something to eat or drink?
It's fun to bowl and mix with the group and you don't have to come every week.

Thursdays at 10:00am:  Now this is a FUN group that's getting bigger all the time!
Friends usually start arriving from about 9-30. Everyone is welcome - usually about 30 to 40 including support staff each week.
Tables are set up "banquet Style" and it's great to sit and chat over a drink or morning tea while we wait for everyone to arrive.

Then the real FUN begins - Time to bowl!
The morning is supervised and there's people here to help you get the most fun from your visit. Bookings aren't needed, just turn up! No comittment!.