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As in all Sports, Tenpin Bowling has its own Crowning Achievement... 300, the Perfect Game. A 300 Game is achieved by bowling 12 Strikes in a row.

Sunset Superbowl has a "Perfect Game" Honour Board in recognition of ALL bowlers who have achieved a 300 game in our Centre. (See the Honour Board in the Photo Gallery)

Monday Night the 9th of March 2009 in Twilight League marked a milestone in the twelve year life of Sunset Superbowl with the very first 300 game bowled by one of the girls!

Samantha Dawidowicz in her first game of the night achieved what most people can only dream of "the Perfect Game".

Sam (you might know her as Sam Watson) started her Tenpin Bowling career at a very young age and recorded some memorable achievements in the junior ranks. Sam's (until now) lifetime high game of 290 was bowled on two separate occasions at Sunset Superbowl. Both 290's hold the ladies "High Game Lane Record", and the highest Ladies Game Score for the Centre. Sam's 300 is not only the First 300 for Sunset but the first Female 300 for a local bowler in Toowoomba.

In recognition of this remarkable achievement, Sam not only received accolades and plaques celebrating her game, but also a $1,000.00 cheque from Sunset Superbowl as our way of saying "thanks and well done".

Since Sam's record breaking game, nine Perfect Game Records were added in just 13 months.
Most of these Bowlers have added to their already impressive lists of Perfect Games.

Ckeck out our Honour Board and photos of some of these Bowlers in the Photo Gallery section of this website!