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A Bowling League is PEOPLE! People of all age groups and backgrounds who meet each week to enjoy one of their favourite pastimes. See the List of current bowling leagues or the Tournament calendar.

For some it’s fierce competition. For others it’s personal challenge. For many others it is that moment of exhilaration that comes from bowling “The Perfect Strike”.

The part that many enjoy most is being in the company of others to “Take on the Tenpins” and have fun. There have been some great friendships formed through League Bowling!

Hey, not just friendships ! Countless romances have started over a game or two in League Bowling.

So a Bowling League is people having FUN, making friends and enjoying each other’s company and competition. It’s a lot like bowling socially with your mates but  your scores are kept and then compared against other teams and players.
As a Sport, Tenpin Bowling really has a lot to offer.  It is one of the only Sports that anyone can play on an equal basis; most Bowling Leagues run on a Handicap System meaning you don’t even have to be good at it, just enjoy doing it!  Everyone has an equal chance of winning. That’s the beauty of handicapping!

It’s an indoor, year-round Sport where your match will never be washed out and it doesn’t matter what the weather is doing outside, it’s always friendly in here!

It’s a non-contact and low-impact Sport. That’s great for many of us who aren’t as young as we’d like to be.
Here’s a good one; Tenpin Bowling is rated as one of the TOP TEN sports for physical fitness and is highly recommended by many health professionals for exercise of the cardio-vascular system.

In most leagues you can win cash and prizes. Even last place gets recognition - someone has to make the others look good!

Tenpin Bowling has a lot more to offer than just these few points. Every bowler could give you a different story of what they enjoy most.  Do you know what the really best part is?...You don’t have to run around chasing the ball…it comes back to you!